Help us to rediscover treasures in ... North Muskham


North Muskham has lost many of its landmarks ... Its windmill, its fairytale castle of a Grange (complete with relaxing gardens) and its Manor House to name but three victims of old age and/or rank ignorance in the last 70 years.


But there are gems that have merely been mislaid rather than lost forever ... gems that, if regenerated, could well add quality to the community for centuries to come.


Town Street, for example – the stretch adjacent to the Fleet between the north end of Crab Lane and the Ferry. It was part of a busy trade route centuries ago leading to Mill Lane, Shackley Dike Road (as Moor Lane was called), Fillingate Road (see Bathley) and up Debdale Hill. Restored to its former glory, it would provide a relaxing walk in the south of the village to match the restored stroll along Trent Ford Road at the other end of Trentside.


The Marshes all used to have intriguing humps a few decades ago, before they were farmed as intensely as now ... leading older members of the community to wonder if, for instance, there were once properties on the other side of Town Street from the Church, Reindeer Inn and the other properties leading to the old coal wharf beside the Ferry. Is there anybody out there who fancies a little exploration..?


The Village Green, at the north end of the village, historically included the village pound (where stray animals were corralled until they could be reclaimed by their rightful owners) and the village pond (which helped that end of the village avoid flash floods when it rained heavily). Could that be a potential site for a really practical pocket park?

What do you think? The Muskham Vale Heritage Group Committee members are anxious to receive suggestions as to how we can encourage more people to value the qualities of our environment, generate more community spirit and enhance the area.

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