Help us to rediscover treasures in ... Little Carlton


The residents of Little Carlton are currently debating what to do with Beckitt’s Field, which evolved from a rough pasture with a raised cart track in the 1940s/50s to one or the best-kept village cricket grounds in Nottinghamshire in the 1990s. Many, who remember the labours of the late Frank Crawley in particular to make it fit for cricket, believe it will be a travesty if it is not put to community use (not least because the cricket pavilion is probably the nearest building Little Carlton has to a village hall).


Whatever the villagers decide, the fact is that Little Carlton (or South Carlton as it used to be called centuries ago, long before Debdale was vividly known as Breathing High Cliff) has been even deeper in this position before. For instance, the fields between Beckitt’s Field and the Manor House Farm fairly ripple with the remains of the shrunken medieval village of Little Carlton, first recorded in 1086. How many people lived there? Why did they abandon it?


Just how important historically was The Gables? The ancient house, just across the Newark-Ollerton road from the shrunken medieval village, seems to be surrounded by more historic monuments. Or were they merely defences built by villagers who feared the Trent would surge from Kelham and swamp them?


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