Help us to rediscover treasures in ... Holme


Everyone knows that historically Holme was on the same side of the Trent as North Muskham. That’s why Holme children went to North Muskham School until the 1930s and why even as late as the Second World War there was a demand for the ferry service between the two villages.


But how much more evidence can we uncover about the two villages being one community? Where, for example, did Trent Ford Road go once it had left North Muskham and reached the east side of the river? How much of the community might have been swept away when the Trent swamped the low land between the village centres ... are there any foundations remaining on the holmes of Holme to give us a clue as to the devastation?


And how did Holme evolve as a stand-alone community? How much evidence is there that the Trent continued to bully it? Or does the evidence suggest that the villagers were quick to fightback against the river known as the Northern Invader?

Want to help us find out more about Holme? Or do you have information that will help us – and the wider community – to better understand and appreciate the village? If so, please contact us. The Muskham Vale Heritage Group Committee members are anxious to receive suggestions as to how we can encourage more people to value the qualities of our environment, generate more community spirit and enhance the area.

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