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1 Oct 2009

Castles of Nottinghamshire

James Wright is unique.  He is both Stonemason and Archaeologists and works part time for NCC with an interest on historic buildings and structures.  James wrote the book “Castles of Nottinghamshire” and there are/were more than you think.

James Wright

11 Nov 2009

Delayed one week to miss bonfire night

Recent Romano-British Excavations in Trent Valley

Illustrated talk on Roman-British excavation recently undertaken in the Trent Valley. Laurence Platt is a Project Supervisor for Trent & Peak Archaeological Consultants.

Laurence Platt

3 Dec 2009

Fieldwalking the cropmark landscapes of Nottinghamshire – Sherwood & South Muskham

Daryl Garton led a major fieldwalking study of the area around South Muskham, from Crab Lane round towards Little Carlton & along Kelham Lane.

Daryl Garton (Ms)

7 Jan 2010

Map, Archive, Resistivity & Magnetometry - Little Carlton


4 Feb 2010

Mapping the Trent Valley from the Air

Keith Challis (TBC)

4 Mar 2010

Later Bronze Age & Iron Age Landscape of the Trent Valley

David Knight is the Director of Trent & Peak Archaeology (part of Nottingham University).  He co-wrote “Trent Valley Landscapes” and is an leading expert on the historical development of this areas.

David Knight

1 Apr 2010

TBC (Possibly track, byways and roads between the villages)


6 May 2010

Romano British/Saxon/Viking River User and Uses

Daryl Baxter (Mr) (TBC)

3 Jun 2010

 “The Minster before St Hugh”  (The early cathedral at Lincoln)

Following many years teaching Archaeology at Nottingham University Prof Philip Dixon has set up an independent consultancy. He has specialist interests in ecclesiastical buildings and advised some 6 Cathedral, including Southwell, Lincoln & Ely about the archaeology of their buildings.

Philip Dixon

1 July 2010

Evening visit/project


5 Aug 2010

Evening visit/project


2 Sep 2010

Annual General Meeting

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