The Muskham Vale Villages


      • Cromwell

      • North Muskham

      • Holme

      • Bathley

      • Langford

      • Little Carlton

      • South Muskham


The Group


      • Interested in local history?
      • Want to learn about the area?
      • Want help with your own research? Got a project in mind? 


Then join us. Membership is open to anyone over 18 interested in the heritage of the vale. There will be regular meetings (first Thursday of each month), with some working group meetings, project work and visits in between.


Areas of interest covered will include:


      • Heritage
      • Landscape
      • History
      • Archaeology
      • Access
      • Community


The group will be as active as possible and undertake small practical projects, such as field-walking, surveying, archive research, archaeological surveys, and possibly some excavations & restoration.  There is an annual membership fee of £25 which covers the insurance for undertaking projects as well as the monthly meeting costs. Non-members can attend meetings for a small fee of £1.50 as a contribution to Hall hire fees but are not insured to participate in projects.




Research surrounding the continuing campaign to regain access to ancient routes on the west bank of the River Trent, has brought into focus a wealth of information about the  history of “the vale”. That history is not limited to one village. It centres on the river, the crossing points, and the surrounding landscape.


The “Trespasser” (River Trent) has changed course many times over the millennia, from the foot of the Bathley Hills, in the west, to beyond Langford in the east. As the river turned north at Newark, the vale provided the most significant river crossing in the whole of Eastern England. As the river moved, peoples changed.


Iron Age: (barrow, field systems, and the “Newark Torc”): Roman: (camps, roads, and artifact): Viking & Saxon (names, boundaries).  Medieval: (plague, deserted medieval villages [DMVs], torrential floods). More recently came the enclosure of common land, the Trent Navigation, and the various landed estates. 


Apart from the odd powerful reminder, the River Trent is now managed within its banks. Modern lives have allowed us to lose contact with our landscape and heritage.  The Muskham Vale Heritage Group plans to help restore that link and help ensure the knowledge for the future.


Group Aims & Objectives


The principal aims of the Muskham Vale Heritage Group will be to help the vale communities learn about their history, regain lost access, and co-ordinate an archive for the future.  Whilst the detail will be decided by the membership, some key issues are:


      • River Movements, Crossing Points & Usage
      • Roman, Viking & Saxon Times
      • Muskham Vale & the Civil War
      • Field walking for a range of evidence
      • Continued Campaign to secure Ferry Road (west bank of Trent) Footway north to Cromwell Restore Trent Ford Road between Main Street (N. Muskham) and Dickinson Way
      • Secure future of “the crosses” (Holme and N Muskham)
      • Assist the existing Local History Groups with projects, archives, etc.
      • Survey & Research DVMs (Little Carlton & Langford)
      • Specific member group projects
      • Local Educational & Display Items




Within the villages of the vale are many talents of many kinds. You, it is hoped, will form the background of the group.  A major aim is for people of the vale to get involved with their heritage.


In addition, it is expected that the Muskham Vale Heritage Group will be able to draw on the assistance and experience of other local groups, including the Muskham History Group, the Pentagon Group (around Elston & East Stoke), FARI Archaeology, and others. In Addition, contacts have been made with Trent & Peak Archaeology, part of Nottingham University, who undertook a major study of the “Trent Valley Landscape”.


Grant assistance and support should be forthcoming from various sources such as, the National Lottery, the Aggregate Industry Levy, English Heritage, NCC, N&SDC, and the Trent Vale Partnership.


Group Meetings


First Thursday of Each Month:   7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

North Muskham Village Hall

Nelson Lane

North Muskham

Further Details


Please contact:

Jim Wishart

Phone: 01636 640200

Mobile: 07831 183523

Fax: 01636 64044